1. We Are The Company That Cares About Your Privacy

Specifically, while most other companies are concerned with protecting your privacy, we care about profiteering and violating it when expedient or useful.

2. You may think of using any of our programs or services as the privacy equivalent of living in a webcam fitted glass house under the unblinking eye of Big Brother: you have no privacy with us. If we can use any of your details to legally make a profit, we probably will.

3. We will track and log everything we can about all the dirty (and clean) things you do and like with cookies, GPS, secure connections and or whatever technology exists today or becomes available at any time in the future.

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4. By using any of our services, you grant us permission to surgically implant a tracking microchip of our choosing in your body and sell all collected information to the highest bidder . . . and to all other bidders. You also agree to regular updates and reinstalls of said device entirely at our discretion for up to 50 years after the end of your natural life.

5. If the opportunity arises to sell or otherwise use this or any information, data or meta data about you or your world, we will jump at that opportunity like a pitbull on a fresh steak

6. Please email us to tell us some of your secrets. We may, at our sole discretion (or lack thereof), broadcast, reveal, sell, manipulate, or otherwise use these secrets, or any information we collect to our benefit whenever, wherever, and however we choose.

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7. We are right now looking at you through your webcam. Do you always move your lips like that when you read? We also recorded what you were doing last week and are sending the video to (you know who). If the prior statements are not true, it's because in addition to everything else, we reserve the right to lie to you, and you agree to believe us and hold us harmless for any and all such lies. Furthermore, if we are not recording everything you're doing through your webcam, it's either because we haven't figured out how, you're just not that interesting, or both.

8. We are serious about all of the above. So don't go trying to sue us later with some nonsense like "I thought that was all satire." All your privacy are belong to us. We mean it.

9. Cookies: We like chocolate chip cookies. You agree to furnish any employee or associate of our company with fresh chocolate chip cookies upon request. That's the price of using our programs and or services (in addition to any other price we come up with).

10. Spam. You agree that nothing we do with the access and information you grant to us shall be called Spam: even if it is. We prefer the term "bacon", because . .. mmmmmmmm bacon.

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“The World’s Worst Privacy Policy.” Andy Greenberg, Chief Pearl Clutcher @ Forbes
“Well, fùck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.” US Air Force pilots when told they have bombed friendly Canadian forces.

How Skipity Works

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     Skipity Again: discover another amazing corner of the Ineternet.

Skipity Comes from 2 Words

  • Skip [skip] v: To pass from point to point, omitting or disregarding what intervenes.
  • and
  • Serendipity [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] n: An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by chance.
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