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  “Skipity's Toolbar Removal Utility improved
my love life and vitality.”
- Mike in Climax, CO

Uninstall Every. Browser. Toolbar.

Clean your Browser. Skipity's universal toolbar uninstaller can delete that Ask toolbar; get rid of that Google Toolbar, uninstall a Bittorrent toolbar and erase a Yahoo toolbar. The program is easy to use. Just download it, run it, check the options you want and go!

There is no easier way to remove o Vuze, Bing and utorrent toolbar... all at the same time. This Toolar Remover may not stay free forever: but it's free today!
This Video Shows how easy Skipity's Toolbar Uninstaller is to use..

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“I lost 20 lbs .... of toolbars!” Cloe in Burnt Corn, AL